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Hello.  I am PK, Pastor Karen


I envision PK Kids PlayHouse for Disabled and Disadvantaged Children, Inc. shortly after my mom's death in 1997.  Reminded of my childhood, I was born with corrected birth defects.  Some corrected, others were not.   I never saw myself as others did.  Being called retarded, special and even different was strange words to me.  Living an active childhood life despite what others would say, I was constantly reminded so many times of the things I could not do.

PK Kids was birthed out of Its A Kids Life, an activities-based program I initiated in my congregation in 2009.   I believe every child and young adult deserves a chance to learn, play and grow.  So here I am now, attempting to afford other children and young adults the opportunity to live a life without limitations and I love it.

My Story

Reflecting back, my life can best be seen through the eyes of a bumblebee.  It is said The laws of aerodynamics prove that the bumblebee should be incapable of flight as it does not have the capacity (in terms of wing size or beats per second) to achieve flight with the degree of wing loading capability necessary. Not being aware of scientists "proving" it cannot fly, the bumblebee succeeds under the power of God, of its own ignorance and perseverance.  Through perseverance and patience, we can be just what we believe we can be.  No one mentioned to the bumblebee he could not fly.  If they did, would he have listened?

Never giving up on my dreams, My  dreams are my reality.  I have dreamed as a child I  would make a difference in the life of another "unique" child and is now living my reality as an adult. 

As a Lupus Survivor,  I am the founder of PK Kids PlayHouse, former Pastor of Abundant Grace Temple of Praise Outreach Ministries, servant of Pastor Karen's Ministries, a member of the Deerfield Beach Historical Society, Bridge Partner Participate in The Bridge Network Covenant Fellowship and Lead Servant in the Grace Prison Ministry.  Continuing my battle, I am  also a Breast Cancer Advocate of The J.I. Flowers Awareness Campaign; with a vision to continue to spread the Word of God outside the walls of the Church, I am  an influential advocate with a purpose to eradicate breast cancer with a simple message of hope and healing. You may read my story at 

To add to the list, I am the mother of three plus two; Charles, Jatavais, and T'nesley, Jodi and Nevele and Grandmother of Jacoby, Charles the III (Jack Jack), Jayden and Chase Jackson. 

My love for children keeps me grounded and focus while maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.   That love propels me to write a collection of  children books with the emphasis on the disabilities of children; The Lamb called Melody, The Bumble Bee and the Frog, The Little Cedar Tree, The Whistle Blower and Black Howard.

You may contact me via the web or directly at my email address at  You may also join me on my facebook page at

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