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PK Kids PlayHouse

At Our House for Our Children; children are placed in a "learn to live without limitations" environment surrounded by their peers and friendly volunteers.

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PK Kids PlayHouse

PK Kids are girls and boys wanting to live a life  without limitations and restrictions. PK Kids affords children the opportunity to express themselves in a family-friendly environment.

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The Enforcers Motorcycle Club
are PK Kidsloyal supporters.

The Enforcers Motorcycle Club consists of members who have served in Law Enforcement, Military, Public Safety, or family and friends of, but also represent American Patriots and their allies.   Their mission is to support America's Freedom First!  The Enforcers Motorcycle Club promotes an enjoyable, friendly atmosphere, and the opportunity to meet and ride with those who love to ride motorcycles and enjoy America's Freedom with a mission to promote the advancement of motorcycle safety and education.


Our DreamUp Scholarship Program supports deserving young adults in pursuing their academic dreams by providing financial assistance for higher education, vocational training, or skill development; empowering these young minds to overcome barriers and reach their full potential.

PK Kids PlayHouse for Disabled & Disadvantaged Children, Inc. is committed to uplifting the lives of children facing disabilities and disadvantages. We provide a nurturing environment where children can explore, learn, and grow. Through engaging in outdoor activities, creative play, and educational programs, we aim to foster character awareness, resilience, and self-confidence. Our playhouse becomes a space where every child feels valued, regardless of their challenges.

PK Kids events  are the ultimate Kids' events. Bursting with exciting and enjoyable interactive activities  for all children and aim to deliver the ultimate wow factor for our kids and  their entire family.

It is not how much we Give

but how much love we put into Giving.

Mother Teresa

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